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    Pest Control NYC is the leading PEST BUSTERS in the City of NYC. Managing and terminating a species of pests is known as Pest control. Home borne pests are normally harmful to a person's health, environment and the economy. Pests have been with the human population since Stone Age and eliminating them is a different ball game. Every home, establishments and warehouse has its own share of these unwanted invaders. After the banning of strong chemicals by the government eradicating these tiny invaders have become a major problem being faced by the population and lack of knowledge about eco friendly chemicals have add to the chaos.

    Pest Control NYC is the pioneer in eradicating pest related problems by adopting the latest integrated pest Management methods using eco friendly pest management system. Managed by a team of experienced people implementing Integrated pest management system on a three level method have helped in eradicating pests like bed bugs, mosquitoes, Asian lady beetles, box elder bugs, cockroaches, earwigs, carpenter ants, pavement ants, ground beetles, spiders, wood roaches and wasps etc from schools, homes, factories, warehouses and other important places.

    Our core team from Pest Control NYC consists of the assessment team managed by chemical professionals who inspect the sites, implementation team who provides the treatments and the monitoring team who does the cleaning and vacuuming and keeps track of the treatment throughout the year. Assessment team inspects the infestation and advices the operations team on what chemicals to be used for eradication and the operations team provides treatment as per the directions from the assessment team. Monitoring team does the heating, cleaning and vacuuming and keeps track of the treatment throughout the guarantee period with the help of the customers to record the effectiveness of the treatment. The eradication process is done using the latest state of the art equipments and eco friendly chemicals so that the entire infestation is eliminated to the root.

    Pest Control NYC has offices spread out throughout the city manned by operation managers reporting to the parent office. All Operation managers have a fully equipped twelve member teams under them divided into three sub teams who does the implementation process. Our teams use an ecosystem based strategy like biological control, habitat manipulation and use of resistant varieties. Eco friendly materials are selected carefully and implemented to minimize risks to human and the eco system. Each treatment stage is closely monitored by the operations manager in order to make sure that the infestation is totally eliminated.

    Our unique system of operation and professionalism in eradicating the pest has created a trusted reputation in the pest control industry as the Professional PEST BUSTERS. The precision, efficiency and dedication with which we work to terminate the pest has made us the number one choice with customers and made us into one of the best sought after company in the City of NYC. Pest Control NYC has a full time customer support division which works throughout the year catering to the customer needs.

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